The reality is most smokers tend to be more stressed than non-smokers.

By stopping smoking you are removing an enormous cause of stress from your life – you no longer have to worry about when your next cigarette will be.

Things to do when you're stressed instead of smoking...

  • Remove yourself from the situation – take a few slow, deep breaths
  • Reach for your nicotine replacement product (if you have any)
  • Exercise! Burning off your frustrations will not only help relieve stress, but it will keep nicotine cravings at bay, and will help with any concerns around weight gain – choose a form of exercise which works for you

Reduce stress by...

  • Making some 'me' time
  • Have structured eating/sleeping patterns
  • Realising that stress is a part of life – develop coping strategies that work for you
  • Control your thoughts – STAY POSITIVE! Realise that smoking will not resolve the situation.

There are many things you can do instead of smoking to break the routine

Making small changes to your daily routine can help you avoid some of the cravings that may occur during your quit attempt.

Things like Examples
Buying cigs when filling the car up with petrol Change your petrol station – 'pay at pump
Socialising with friends Try to avoid socialising with other smokers until you feel confident to say NO! Change your usual choice of drink to break associations
Breaks at work Bring something to read, take a walk or phone a friend/relative to distract yourself. Buy yourself something special to eat for dinner with the money you've saved
When I'm on the phone Keep a pad and pen, or colouring in books by the phone to keep your hands busy.
Boredom Is just a state of mind – occupy yourself!
After meal times Do washing up straight away, brush your teeth, or rinse with cold mouthwash, chew gum, sip iced water/fruit juice, go for a walk...
Watching the TV Where you would ordinarily keep an ashtray, keep SNACKS!! Chopped up fruit, vegetables, popcorn etc... great for keeping your hands and mouth busy!!
When I'm in the car Sing! Keep a supply of sweets - particularly lollipops/mints/gum/boiled sweets (sugar free)
First thing in the morning Change routine- take a shower, eat a healthy breakfast, drink fresh fruit juice – whatever works for you