Keep your hands and mind busy

Puzzles, books, drawing, cleaning, gardening, knitting, this could be the perfect time to take up a new hobby!


Not only will this disract you from your cravings, but it will also release feel good chemicals to the brain! Choosing a form of exercise that suits you will help to keep weight gain to a minimum, boost self esteem, and will improve sleeping patterns

Dont forget to use your NRT product, Champix or Zyban to it's full potential for 12 weeks

You may feel like something is missing...

  • Try snacking on fruit (dried or fresh – keep sugar levels up), chopped carrot/celery sticks...
  • Treat yourself now and then! The odd square of chocolate can help to keep those cravings at bay
  • Keep a bottle of water with you (sports caps ideal)
  • Sugar free lollipops will replicate the 'hand to mouth' action performed when smoking